Puerto Rico – A worthwhile place


In the Caribbean Sea, two and a half hours from Florida, United States and 6 hours from Mexico, with air transfer, is located a paradisiac place, called Puerto Rico.

According to history, its name refers to the immense resources that possessed that area and that were also exported to other places from the port of San Juan Bautista (old denomination of the island by Cristibal Colon.)

In my particular opinion, I would add to these meanings, “Rico” for its beauty, for the kindness of its people, for the taste of its music, for the artistic-sports talent and for its exquisite gastronomy.

Traveling from Aztec lands to there, does not seem easy. Especially when it comes to making connections from other airports. My transfer would be with American Airlines, airline that both outward and return, presented flights quellegaron ahead of time and my suitcase came to its destination without problems.

The transfers. Here is an important point that if you do not consider prior to the organization of your trip, you can leave with the “broken pocket” or break your program of activities, because mobilizing you in Puerto Rico is difficult, but you have your own car.

Taxis are complex to get in full way, only safely in hotels, airport, or via phone. The cost of the service varies depending on the distances, if you bring with you luggage, if you go alone, accompanied or if you want to share the seats with other customers. Let’s say the average minimum rate is $ 10. Of course, most of these vehicles are comfortable bangs or other types of vans and air-conditioned.

Consult car rental for the stay, it is not crazy. Another option of transport and much more economic is the public bus, known as the “bus” with a value of 75 cents per passenger per trip – It is feasible, as long as you have time and a little patience, long before one arrives, or what happens to me, just when we despaired and got into a taxi, the group arrived. Things that happen…

The hotel Conrad Plaza Hotel, excellent accommodation option. Good alternative, located in the quiet and beautiful area of ??El Condado. Just minutes from the other popular tourist attractions, Isla Verde, the airport, Old San Juan (Old San Juan) and Hato Rey, where is the largest shopping mall or mall in the Caribbean, Plaza Las Americas. The site has two towers, one overlooking the sea and the city, while the next one overlooks the lake.

The rooms, extremely comfortable and decorated in style. The bathroom is attractive, with fully glass doors in the shower area. The view to the outside of the room, excellent. Free internet, fridge bar and coffee. One tip, do not ever call from the room to international numbers, if you do not realize it in time, the call account could be higher than the amount for staying there.

The common areas, such as the hallways of the floors, are delightedly decorated, the pools according to what a guest expects on a sunny holiday and the nearest beach, right there, behind the hotel. Not much is recommended for bathing, however, there are other alternatives, very close, such as “Ocean Park” located in the colony with the same name, beautiful clear blue sea.


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