Puebla – Los Angeles Destination


In this Easter the best destination is Puebla.

With outlines of angels, Pueblo has been drawn before the country and the world as a strong and vigorous state, where history, development, industry and traditions are the strength of this territory.

Visit Puebla this Easter and you will not regret it. When you step on your land you will discover, because since 1987 the Historic Center of the City was declared by UNESCO as a historical patrimony of humanity.

The houses reveal to us the viceroyal city, the one that the poblanos raised with the work and the art of the natives and with the direction of the Spaniards.

Puebla, rich and majestic, offers to the palate an exceptional gastronomy, passing through the itch of the mole poblano and the traditional baroque plate of the chiles in nogada, patra finalizar with the traditional sweets typical like the pancakes of Santa Clara, sweet potatoes, the pepita nuts, pine nut jam, candied fruit or macaroni, among other delicacies.

In this Holy Week we recommend visiting the beautiful Puebla de los Angeles and being part of the religious activities, Santa Maria Tonanzintla, considered as one of the most important baroque jewels of the entity.

In these dates the indigenous art is shown in all its expression. In Puebla the most recognized activities are developed in the main streets of the Historic Center.

Passengers can choose to take the Angel?polis Tourist Circuit, Sierra Norte Tourist Circuit and Sierra Mixteca Tourist Circuit.

The Angel?polis Tourist Circuit consists of 12 tours (7 in the city of Puebla and 5 in the surrounding area). It is recommended to visit from the most representative buildings of the city, such as the Cathedral and Church Santo Domingo de Guzman, with its Chapel of the Rosary, to the incredible Franciscan convents of the sixteenth century as Huejotzingo or Cuauhtinchan and the most important Latin America, Africam Zafari.

We recommend you to get to know the Sierra del Norte Circuit, which includes 4 routes that will take you to the mystical charms of the municipality of Zacatlin, which is soon to be certified as “Pueblo Magico”. At the moment the locality of Cuetzalan enjoys this denomination.

Finally, the Mixtec Tourist Circuit offers 4 divers to see the many attractions that are conserved in the southern part of the state, where you can find from beautiful convents, exotic landscapes, delicious gastronomy and beautiful springs of mineral waters.


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