Puerto rico – food and culture


In terms of food, Puerto Rico offers visitors a variety of restaurants with international and Puerto Rican food. Surely, you will want to try the typical, walking from the hotel to the county you get simple places to one of the most recognized as “Ajili Mojili”.

I did not have occasion to enter but several sources from there recommended it with propriety, besides “Roots” and “Bonanza”. “El jibarito” in Old San Juan, offers homemade food at affordable prices. Anyway, most restaurants that are not traditional, include in their menu, typical foods of the island, so on that side, you will have no excuse not to try something there.Sauted and recommended dishes: El Mofongo, tostones, rice with pigeon peas, and beans.

As a drink, no doubt the juice of parcha (it would take a lifetime). As for desserts at the “Kasalta” bakery (there are also typical and general sandwiches that will satisfy more than your appetite) and Michelle Cortes’s “baby temptation”, a pleasure to the palate of extraodinary flavor and softness that crumbles exquisitely in your mouth, beautiful presentation and inevitable desire to want to try more. If your funds are many smaller there are fast food places, already known in different countries.

Tourist sites: There are so many that you will lack time and willingness to meet them. The different cities and towns, the beaches (Islands of Vieques and Culebra the most recognized, with packages of transfers).

But undoubtedly, in my opinion, one of the greatest attractions are, El Viejo San Juan and El Morro, who do not approach these places, can not say with propriety that he met Puerto Rico. The testimonies you can give about these unequaled scenarios, or the photos you see, are nothing compared to what you can live, to witness them in person, because you can not even describe in words what it feels like such beauty.

Old San Juan shows a marked European influence in its architecture and its streets still preserve the surfaces of centuries ago, the picturesque houses and the malcon in front. El Morro is imposing, it is more than history, it is charm, it is to move you a long time ago and for an instant, become part of the legends that envelop this magical site.

If your plan is to go shopping, San Juan offers you a complete mall with multiple stores like Plaza Las Americas. If you are looking for offers, even branded clothes are in Marshall stores (at a time of trouble, such as bathing suits) and several more oulets.

For nightlife lovers, there is no excuse of no fun. The same hotels present options, such as the Lobby of the Hotel La Concha, starting at 7pm with jazz music in a quiet and pleasant atmosphere to talk. Not like the Conrad Hotel, which is somewhat more youthful and with live music to dance to.

The weather: Ideal! A week before my arrival, the rains were abudantes, considered as deluge and despite the prediction of the permanence of this bad weather, nature and the desire to enjoy, turned this theory into a mistaken, giving us the richest sun and fresh temperature.

As you will see there are so many things to do in Puerto Rico, unique and wonderful treasure of the Caribbean. Such variety of culture and landscapes is difficult to find in one place. Certainly, there is a lot of American influence in its population (Puerto Rico is Commonwealth of the USA), but the essence of its people is Latin and gay, with boricua identity above all.

The plane has not yet landed and since then you can appreciate its majesty.
That it is worth knowing, I already want to go back.


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