Mexico City – An unique setting in tourism


The metropolis a city with tall buildings, Colonial architecture present on all sides. History with the modern, in the same place.

Land of indigenous culture and huge squares. Area that shows much of the national history as well as the most elegant, recognized or avant-garde sites, hoteliers and nightclubs.

Its tourist diversity leads you to get the authentic flavor of the typical food, in the corners, or markets, served by the helpful lady, or the agile gentleman, who prepare simple but delicious tacos and quesadillas, to the most sophisticated restaurants of cuts, Mediterranean, Italian, among others.

Mexico, a country characterized by the kindness of its people, does not leave behind in that aspect the Federal District. It is not for less, being one of the most attractive cities for the travelers of the world.

Who has not heard of the popular mariachis, chile or tequila. He who dreams of a destination, where to obtain different and peculiar reasons to enjoy, obtains it in this locality.

Since arriving at your International Airport, Benito Jurez, the gateway to the capital, which by the way has excellent facilities and help staff, you realize the number of people who come to visit.

For many parts of its surroundings, renewed business constructions are appreciated. In the same way as some of the most beautiful natural landscapes. The Popocatepetl volcano and its inseparable Iztaccihuatl.

A unique scene that is also legend, symbolizing two ancestor characters who loved each other until death and were immortalized forever. The rest that the inhabitants tell you, directly here …

I know that much of the motivation to make a long journey to this point on the planet, is archeology. In the zocalo of the city, there is the Templo Mayor and museums where you will be surprised of the finds and samples that have for the delight of the lovers of this type of recreation.

Although, the best concept that you would undoubtedly obtain, is the one built through your own experience, when you walk through them personally.

And despite the cultural diversity existing in Mexico City, it does not lose its religious essence, par excellence Catholic. Churches with impressive buildings will attract your attention. Especially the Cathedral and the Basilica of Guadalupe, the last place that turned into a paradise to its surroundings, with plants, rivers, monuments and an atmosphere of peace, that would appreciate even the unbelievers.

The history of spiritual events becomes fascinating, with the appearance of the Virgin of Guadalupe to Juan Diego in that area years ago and with the Papamovil used by Juan Pablo II, during one of his visits there, which is located opposite the main temple.

Other sites to visit: The Aztec Stadium, The Chapultepec Zoo, Monument to the Revolution, Palace of Fine Arts, The National Auditorium, Santa Fe, Garibaldi Square, Historic Center with its Government Palaces and much more!

If you are one of those who identifies with this type of excursions, Mexico City will meet your expectations and so you can be one of those who reaffirm it, as a unique setting in general tourism.


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