An option for you that you like to be a woman and look even on the beach


Even though we are in Mexico in the fall, it is always time to go to the pool or to the beach. In other countries exactly the same thing happens. However, there are places where the seasons are different at this time of year, or there are those cities in the world that are characterized by an eternal tropical environment.

For the current woman, taking one or several days of rest in front of the sea and the pool, goes beyond looking for a towel, a bathing suit or whatever meets the naked eye. As a good woman, she always seeks to highlight in any field, to transmit her way of being, with spontaneity, self-confidence and elegance. It is no longer just clothing and a place, but the best moment, the ideal outfit, even on water vacations.

A company that goes with this line is Moda Playa Mexico, who are dedicated to design a wide variety of models of bathing suit and beachwear in the Brazilian style, in order to meet the expectations of the innovative woman, but without neglecting the market classic and discreet, that is, they adapt to both your tastes and requirements.

– Tell us a little about Fashion Playa Mexicana

It is a Mexican company formed in 2005. We began importing small quantities of bathing suits from Brazil that were not obtained here, which were very expensive or difficult to find, and little by little we started to develop our own products and now all our production we do it in Mexico

– What products do they offer?

Basically we specialize in women’s swimwear, although we also have for sale a couple of male models, some children’s swimsuits, thongs and hats.

– What market do they cover?

The women’s market is our specialty, we try to have different styles, colors, prints and sizes ranging from thongs for daring ladies with an adventurous lifestyle, to bathing suits in extra sizes for calm people who like to go to the water well discreet.

Although the variety is immense, we have more than 250 different models, some are for sportsmen, others for moms, others for girls who are going out with their parents. There are styles for those who go out with their friends, there are swimsuits for grannies. We try to cover all the stages a lady goes through.

“What do your designs inspire?”

There are two main reasons for making a design, one is for the pleasure of doing it and the other is doing it because the public asks for it. The swimsuits we originally brought from Brazil were all bold, colorful and relatively exotic. Our main motivation was to highlight and show off the female body.

At first we only bought the swimsuits, we sold them as a hobby. It was not really a company and the interesting thing is that we have always talked with our clients and based on their needs, we realized that the bathing suits fulfill many other functions, not just looking the body. So when we started to make the first costumes in Mexico, we decided to try to offer solutions to the different situations and moments of women’s lives, so we have so much variety and year by year we will have more.

Just to give you an example of how a new design comes up, on occasion a customer bought some thongs and asked if we had more classic models, because the first would use them on a walk with her husband, but needed other bathing suits for when they left with the whole family and wanted to buy his sisters, since he liked the quality of the product and the care we provide. Subsequently other clients, who have been very happy, have asked us if we have swimwear for children or for gentlemen, so surely one day we will start to manage.

– What is the difference between your creations and those of other designers?

The main difference is that we do them in Mexico thinking about the Mexican, its attributes, proportions and needs, always looking for the best quality, both the product and the service at fair prices. We constantly use the fabrics that we like best among the available ones for each season. Mainly, we look for vivid colors and eye-catching designs. We try to make all our models stand out from the best of the female body, but always obeying the needs and tastes of our customers. So it is that in some cases we use sober colors and designs that cover what we prefer to reserve.

– Why is it important to highlight the image of women, even on beach trips?

It is said that he who does not teach does not sell and we believe that all women have something to express. The vast majority have beautiful bodies, but for cultural reasons the Mexican woman tends to be more reserved. We have clients who have slender bodies and prefer classic or retro models and comment that they feel comfortable in those bathing suits. Something very curious that several people point out, is that all Brazilians have a few bumps, when in reality they are not different from Mexican or Venezuelan or Colombian.

The difference is that they have more confidence in themselves and have a better attitude, they stand up straight knowing what they are worth, that is why they are safer, more daring, noisier and always try to highlight.

The Mexican woman tends to have a bust more attractive than the Brazilian, but unlike them, here they try to hide it and there they stand very right to be noticed more. In the world, Mexicans are very dear and welcome, Mexicans are always eagerly awaited.

When Mexican ladies visit other countries they become more uninhibited, they notice that in almost all parts they use smaller swimsuits and it is these ladies who travel abroad, those who prefer our international cut bikinis, although our intention will always be to give taste to the public having bathing suits for every need.


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