Acapulco – The tropical paradise at your feet


How many times have you not heard of Acapulco, its wonderful beaches, its gastronomy, its nightlife, but above all, its spectacular climate?

Well, everything you’ve been told is really true. This place, is one of the most pampered of the inhabitants of the State of Mexico, Puebla and its surroundings to visit, during the weekends, holidays or vacations, due to its proximity.

Packing suitcases, taking the car and driving the motorway that takes you to how many hours there, is nothing compared to the pleasure and enjoyment that tourists will find at the end of the road, amidst the magic that surrounds Acapulco.

But it does not mean that this beach area is exclusive to the delight of the population of the South. Acapulco is an attractive destination for residents of the North and also internationally, where hundreds of travelers from different countries, cram the occupations of hotels and beaches because they get there the concept, which has everything!

The preferred Avenue to stay is the Costera Miguel Aleman, building after building to receive guests, you will not miss and there are in all categories, which offer the necessary services, according to your budget. In the same area are the best nightclubs and entertainment sites for those who seek entertainment in the evening. If your preference is to go after something more exclusive, there is no doubt, the Diamond Zone is the best.

The diversity of restaurants is wide, you will get them from the simplest or sostificados by the sea, even in the same city.

Since the sea is what prevails in Acapulco, there are innumerable options. All the hotels located towards the ocean side, offer you the alternative to enjoy a swim just steps away from its facilities. But because some are located in the open sea, it is advisable to check the quietest for those who carry children and want to relax, while the small ones have fun in safe waters.

Forget the routine, the problems, the stresses of the city and let yourself be carried away by the sun, heat, sea, exquisite food and nightlife, which only this “Port to tourism” can offer you …


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