Sea World – The place for the whole family


Sea World Orlando is the world of fun and entertainment that has to do with marine attractions. Here you will find what to do because it is made for adults and children. Belonging to the Bush Garden family, Discovery Cove and Aquatica, it opens its doors to the public from 9:00 am, from Monday to Sunday, offering a free transportation service between these parks, for those who purchase admission tickets combined.

Children and nature lovers, have many options of training in the aquariums of penguins, sharks, blankets and other varieties. If you are of extreme emotions, you will find the inevitable roller coasters, adapted to the style of this complex. The most intense is “La Manta”, with its name alluding to this living being, inhabitant of deep water, mysterious and full of ingenuity, able to make you feel the sensations of adrenaline expected.

In the act of the sea lions, in Pacific Point Preserve, you will not stop laughing with the occurrences and humor of a mime who opens the curtain of the spectacle, improvising jokes with the assistants that arrive.

Another unforgettable event is the musical of Nautilus Theater, very much in the style of Cirque du Soleil, with a wide screen full of characters that walk among the spectators, to live this impressive show up close.

But undoubtedly, symbolic activities are that of dolphins and orcas (in separate functions and places), with the particular magic that characterizes the former and the imposing of the latter. In the case of the dolphins, you will sigh in the face of your capacity for obedience, understanding and nobility.

And something very important, if you get a good location, they will walk so close to you, or better yet, there will be so many stunts that there will be plenty of opportunities to pose before your camera.

Shops with souvenirs are present throughout the site, plus local burgers, nuggets, salads, ribs in barbiquiu sauce, pizzas, desserts. The food vouchers will really get you out of trouble and you will avoid unforeseen times when you spend money on food, especially unlimited per day at any Sea World restaurant. And since we mention economic eventualities, both in this and in the other parks of Orlando, there are ATMs, which can help.

Sea World, a beautiful alternative with ample space dedicated to the fauna of the sea and rivers, that millions of tourists with its presence, stand out as a great thematic option in Orlando to which you are invited to join you.


An option for you that you like to be a woman and look even on the beach


Even though we are in Mexico in the fall, it is always time to go to the pool or to the beach. In other countries exactly the same thing happens. However, there are places where the seasons are different at this time of year, or there are those cities in the world that are characterized by an eternal tropical environment.

For the current woman, taking one or several days of rest in front of the sea and the pool, goes beyond looking for a towel, a bathing suit or whatever meets the naked eye. As a good woman, she always seeks to highlight in any field, to transmit her way of being, with spontaneity, self-confidence and elegance. It is no longer just clothing and a place, but the best moment, the ideal outfit, even on water vacations.

A company that goes with this line is Moda Playa Mexico, who are dedicated to design a wide variety of models of bathing suit and beachwear in the Brazilian style, in order to meet the expectations of the innovative woman, but without neglecting the market classic and discreet, that is, they adapt to both your tastes and requirements.

– Tell us a little about Fashion Playa Mexicana

It is a Mexican company formed in 2005. We began importing small quantities of bathing suits from Brazil that were not obtained here, which were very expensive or difficult to find, and little by little we started to develop our own products and now all our production we do it in Mexico

– What products do they offer?

Basically we specialize in women’s swimwear, although we also have for sale a couple of male models, some children’s swimsuits, thongs and hats.

– What market do they cover?

The women’s market is our specialty, we try to have different styles, colors, prints and sizes ranging from thongs for daring ladies with an adventurous lifestyle, to bathing suits in extra sizes for calm people who like to go to the water well discreet.

Although the variety is immense, we have more than 250 different models, some are for sportsmen, others for moms, others for girls who are going out with their parents. There are styles for those who go out with their friends, there are swimsuits for grannies. We try to cover all the stages a lady goes through.

“What do your designs inspire?”

There are two main reasons for making a design, one is for the pleasure of doing it and the other is doing it because the public asks for it. The swimsuits we originally brought from Brazil were all bold, colorful and relatively exotic. Our main motivation was to highlight and show off the female body.

At first we only bought the swimsuits, we sold them as a hobby. It was not really a company and the interesting thing is that we have always talked with our clients and based on their needs, we realized that the bathing suits fulfill many other functions, not just looking the body. So when we started to make the first costumes in Mexico, we decided to try to offer solutions to the different situations and moments of women’s lives, so we have so much variety and year by year we will have more.

Just to give you an example of how a new design comes up, on occasion a customer bought some thongs and asked if we had more classic models, because the first would use them on a walk with her husband, but needed other bathing suits for when they left with the whole family and wanted to buy his sisters, since he liked the quality of the product and the care we provide. Subsequently other clients, who have been very happy, have asked us if we have swimwear for children or for gentlemen, so surely one day we will start to manage.

– What is the difference between your creations and those of other designers?

The main difference is that we do them in Mexico thinking about the Mexican, its attributes, proportions and needs, always looking for the best quality, both the product and the service at fair prices. We constantly use the fabrics that we like best among the available ones for each season. Mainly, we look for vivid colors and eye-catching designs. We try to make all our models stand out from the best of the female body, but always obeying the needs and tastes of our customers. So it is that in some cases we use sober colors and designs that cover what we prefer to reserve.

– Why is it important to highlight the image of women, even on beach trips?

It is said that he who does not teach does not sell and we believe that all women have something to express. The vast majority have beautiful bodies, but for cultural reasons the Mexican woman tends to be more reserved. We have clients who have slender bodies and prefer classic or retro models and comment that they feel comfortable in those bathing suits. Something very curious that several people point out, is that all Brazilians have a few bumps, when in reality they are not different from Mexican or Venezuelan or Colombian.

The difference is that they have more confidence in themselves and have a better attitude, they stand up straight knowing what they are worth, that is why they are safer, more daring, noisier and always try to highlight.

The Mexican woman tends to have a bust more attractive than the Brazilian, but unlike them, here they try to hide it and there they stand very right to be noticed more. In the world, Mexicans are very dear and welcome, Mexicans are always eagerly awaited.

When Mexican ladies visit other countries they become more uninhibited, they notice that in almost all parts they use smaller swimsuits and it is these ladies who travel abroad, those who prefer our international cut bikinis, although our intention will always be to give taste to the public having bathing suits for every need.


Puebla – Los Angeles Destination


In this Easter the best destination is Puebla.

With outlines of angels, Pueblo has been drawn before the country and the world as a strong and vigorous state, where history, development, industry and traditions are the strength of this territory.

Visit Puebla this Easter and you will not regret it. When you step on your land you will discover, because since 1987 the Historic Center of the City was declared by UNESCO as a historical patrimony of humanity.

The houses reveal to us the viceroyal city, the one that the poblanos raised with the work and the art of the natives and with the direction of the Spaniards.

Puebla, rich and majestic, offers to the palate an exceptional gastronomy, passing through the itch of the mole poblano and the traditional baroque plate of the chiles in nogada, patra finalizar with the traditional sweets typical like the pancakes of Santa Clara, sweet potatoes, the pepita nuts, pine nut jam, candied fruit or macaroni, among other delicacies.

In this Holy Week we recommend visiting the beautiful Puebla de los Angeles and being part of the religious activities, Santa Maria Tonanzintla, considered as one of the most important baroque jewels of the entity.

In these dates the indigenous art is shown in all its expression. In Puebla the most recognized activities are developed in the main streets of the Historic Center.

Passengers can choose to take the Angel?polis Tourist Circuit, Sierra Norte Tourist Circuit and Sierra Mixteca Tourist Circuit.

The Angel?polis Tourist Circuit consists of 12 tours (7 in the city of Puebla and 5 in the surrounding area). It is recommended to visit from the most representative buildings of the city, such as the Cathedral and Church Santo Domingo de Guzman, with its Chapel of the Rosary, to the incredible Franciscan convents of the sixteenth century as Huejotzingo or Cuauhtinchan and the most important Latin America, Africam Zafari.

We recommend you to get to know the Sierra del Norte Circuit, which includes 4 routes that will take you to the mystical charms of the municipality of Zacatlin, which is soon to be certified as “Pueblo Magico”. At the moment the locality of Cuetzalan enjoys this denomination.

Finally, the Mixtec Tourist Circuit offers 4 divers to see the many attractions that are conserved in the southern part of the state, where you can find from beautiful convents, exotic landscapes, delicious gastronomy and beautiful springs of mineral waters.


CANCUN – Where the beaches are confused with the splendor of the sun


There are many places in the world that are exotic, paradisiacal and that meet the conditions to enjoy for multiple reasons a trip.

CANCUN (Mexico) is one of them. Its beautiful turquoise beaches, which are confused with the splendor of the sun, its hotel infrastructure, with a diversity of options in terms of attention and categories, impress you from the moment you depart from the airport, you begin to walk the Avenue designed exclusively for the delight of the tourist with different styles of construction, of varied architectures.

It is important to emphasize that the more you travel in kilometers of the hotel zone, you will find hotels of luxurious facilities, but the beaches are perfect for those who like the medium or high waves, to be in the open sea.

Not so, around kilometer 8.5 for down, where the sea is quieter, bay type. However, it does not mean that in this area, there are no good alternatives for lodging, as is the case of the Riu Palace, belonging to one of the most recognized hotel chains in the world.

There are accommodation plans, with breakfast buffet and all inclusive. The activities of amalgamation are never lacking. What if it is clear is that you will always find a budget adjusted to your possibilities. You will also enjoy, sites ideal for all, regardless of age. In the hotel zone, there are the shopping centers of Cancun, but the largest and most modern is “La Isla”, located around kilometer 15, with shops for all tastes (bars, restaurants, souvenirs, etc.) and adorned with the dazzling landscape of La Laguna.

The Aquarium is undoubtedly, one of the most visited places in this place, because it allows to interact children and adults with some marine species, mainly, swim with the dolphins and even if you weapons of value, caress a shark.

Other entertainment option is the Plaza Forum , which also provides handmade shopping alternatives, designer clothing, restaurants and the famous Hard Rock Cafe. They say many and rightly, that who does not photograph in his famous guitar at the entrance of the mall, has not passed through Cancun.

For the little ones and the not so much, it is also entertaining to pose amusingly with Shrek, The Mask and Spiderman, for a modest tip of 20 pesos, at the rate of three photos per person.

In the same area is the renowned Coco Bongo nightclub, with its unique shows, foam machines, acts on stage, performances of songs, films, famous people and more in its setting. As for adventure tourism, there are boats that do short day trips at night, with visits to nearby islands, food included and even swimming with dolphins.

The pyramids of Chichen Itza, one of the most important in the country, two hours from Cancun, offer satisfaction for lovers of history and archeology. The Delphinus, another space for swimming with dolphins and to feel close to these beautiful animals.

And for those who dream of contemplating an impressive archaeological park, they should not miss going to Xcaret. Because it is a destination that attracts tourists from other countries, the services and products are mostly set in US dollars.Declide to know it and you will want to return. ..

There are boats that do short day trips at night, with visits to nearby islands, food included and even swimming with dolphins. The pyramids of Chichen Itza, one of the most important in the country, two hours from Cancun, offer satisfaction for lovers of history and archeology.

The Delphinus, another space for swimming with dolphins and to feel close to these beautiful animals. And for those who dream of contemplating an impressive archaeological park, they should not miss going to Xcaret.

Because it is a destination that attracts tourists from other countries, the services and products are mostly set in US dollars.

Declide to know it and you will want to return. .. There are boats that do short day trips at night, with visits to nearby islands, food included and even swimming with dolphins.

The pyramids of Chichen Itza, one of the most important in the country, two hours from Cancun, offer satisfaction for lovers of history and archeology. The Delphinus, another space for swimming with dolphins and to feel close to these beautiful animals. And for those who dream of contemplating an impressive archaeological park, they should not miss going to Xcaret.

Because it is a destination that attracts tourists from other countries, the services and products are mostly set in US dollars.

Declide to know it and you will want to return. .. some of the most important in the country, two hours from Cancun, provide the satisfaction for lovers of history and archeology.

The Delphinus, another space for swimming with dolphins and to feel close to these beautiful animals. And for those who dream of contemplating an impressive archaeological park, they should not miss going to Xcaret.

Because it is a destination that attracts tourists from other countries, the services and products are mostly set in US dollars.

Declide to know it and you will want to return. .. some of the most important in the country, two hours from Cancun, provide the satisfaction for lovers of history and archeology. The Delphinus, another space for swimming with dolphins and to feel close to these beautiful animals.

And for those who dream of contemplating an impressive archaeological park, they should not miss going to Xcaret. Because it is a destination that attracts tourists from other countries, the services and products are mostly set in US dollars. Declide to know it and you will want to return.


Destinations for Excellent River Cruises in Europe


Europe is a place where a tourist can meet both ancient history and modern and in addition nature too. Europe is a blend of art, tradition, structural and scenic beauty. Europe is suitable for aerial tour, land tour and river tour destination. With many glorious rivers such as the Danube, Rhine, Saone, Elbe, Moselle, the Main and the Seine, Europe also serves as an excellent destination for river cruises.

With a river cruise trip through River Moselle, leaves you delighted with the sights of old fairytale castles, magnificent valleys of countryside.

A river cruise trip in river Elbe which runs through Germany and Czech Republic, you can enjoy the best of scenic beauty of Europe.

The best of the European river cruise trip is the one through River Rhine as it runs through five countries, Germany, France, Netherlands, Switzerland and Austria. A river cruise trip through Rhine gives you spectacular sight of castles, towns, vineyards, and ancient folklore too.

Apart from the river cruises through these beautiful rivers, there are also river or water cruises through waterways popular in Europe too such as the Flemish, Scottish and Russian waterways where you can see mighty cities, small towns, rural landscapes, and sceneries combining old and new culture.


6 Wonderful Destinations in the Middle East


The wonderful pyramids of Giza, the pink facades of Petra, the architectural wonder that is Istanbul are just some of the destinations that attract tourists from all over the world, however in the Middle East there is much more to discover . So you are a traveler who seeks to know the history and culture, to enjoy the gastronomy of the place, the nature the landscape or simply you are eager to explore new horizons, next I suggest to you six wonderful and little known destinations of Middle East that will make your trip is really unique and special.

Ancient ruins

The city of Cairo has more than 7000 years of history. In Jerusalem, Israelis celebrate 3000 years of Jewish tradition. In Syria, Damascus and Aleppo are proclaimed the oldest cities of the earth; with this impressive history come the archaeological monuments and their ancient vestiges.

All the ruins you can visit in these cities are wonderful, but if you seek to escape the crowds of tourists visit the Basilica of St. Siman in northern Syria . This monument dates from the 5th century, which is not as old as others in the region but has a magnificent beauty, quite natural since it has never been restored.

The absence of tourists, the desert breeze and the landscape make this Basilica one of the most serene; is only 60km from Aleppo, it is enough to take half a day to make a beautiful walk.

Delicious Gastronomy

Middle East is a culinary paradise, everything you can try while you make your trip will be extraordinary, from fresh falafel, hummus with sweet olive oil, roast meat and many dishes known worldwide.

Despite these delicious dishes, there are many more that are not so well known and that can approach the culture of each country, a clear example is the Mansaf, dish of lamb and rice that is eaten with the hands, its peculiarity is that it is tasted standing in a circle with the other guests to the food.

Another wide recommendation may be the Maqlubeh, Palestinian rice dish with chicken, almonds and spices. Approaching the ethnic cuisine without taboos about its flavor will enrich your trip.

Rahmo is an excellent Jerusalem restaurant , serving the best Kubbe soups; the old Rahmo is located just around the corner from the Iraqi market in Mahane Yehuda and the new one is located near Zion Square on Yoel Solomon Street in the center of the city.

Night life

Conventional wisdom would tell you that if you are looking to party in the Middle East you should head to Dubai or Beirut, however in Jordan and in several other countries you can find very special nightclubs.

I do not recommend that Amman be your first choice for a party, however if you are there for a weekend I highly recommend you visit the Nih, which is the fashion club where the posh youth of Palestine and Jordan go partying .

It’s just around the corner from the Howard Johnson in Shmesani, make sure you get there before 10 or you’ll probably stay out. Prices are reasonable, surely much better than what you would pay in Dubai or Beirut.


The image of nature we all have of this region is none other than that of a huge and hot desert, although this preconception is far from reality, in fact nothing irritates the natives more than the idea that everything moves on camels.

For lovers of green and nature reserves who know that in countries like Syria, Lebanon, Israel, Palestine and even Jordan can find them. If you travel to Israel I recommend the Golan region , beautiful green mountains , lots of water and a beautiful view of the Sea of Galilee.

It is located only 40km from Damascus, the capital of Syria, and although it is disputed with Israel, it is quite safe. Within this region you will find the National Park of Nahal Yehudia. The best time of year to visit this site is in spring, because the wild flowers bloom in all its splendor.


Choosing a spiritual place and away from the bustle of tourists is quite difficult. The history of the Islamic Empire is felt throughout the region thanks to its mosques, which in many cases are the most appreciated works of art in each city.

In Jerusalem you will find the remains of the Jewish Temples, the resurrection site of Christ and the site where Mohamed ascended to paradise; these global symbols do not always mean spirituality for travelers, that’s why I usually recommend places far from it.

The desert has always been a synonym for calm and peace, it is the place that offers the opportunity to be humble and surrender to nature. The best of them all is the reddish desert of Wadi Ram of Jordan.

In the western part of Egypt you will find another paradise of spirituality, the Oasis of Siwa ; finding what for each traveler means spirituality, whether God, science or both, will be easier is a secluded place where you can meditate.
Siwa is 11 or 12 hours from Cairo, and you will have to take two buses to get there. Undoubtedly it is a worthwhile trip.


While some travel in search of the tourist spot, others choose to take the roads and explore the country for themselves. A wonderful book about the journey to the far east is the one that Tiziano Terzani wrote, called “A fortune teller told me: Earthbound travels in the Far East”, which shows the true way to appreciate the whole process of the trip.

Terzani makes sure to include in his book several ways of traveling through the Middle East, from the train to the ships and cruises, making sure nothing is lost. Although it is important to mention that it takes special importance to the spiritual fact that led you to choose that destiny.

To live a trip intensely in these regions is quite simple, to leave your prejudices aside and to prepare you to receive the majesty of the oldest civilizations of the earth is easy task. Another great advantage is that the hospitality of the natives will make you feel less and less tourist.


Acapulco – The tropical paradise at your feet


How many times have you not heard of Acapulco, its wonderful beaches, its gastronomy, its nightlife, but above all, its spectacular climate?

Well, everything you’ve been told is really true. This place, is one of the most pampered of the inhabitants of the State of Mexico, Puebla and its surroundings to visit, during the weekends, holidays or vacations, due to its proximity.

Packing suitcases, taking the car and driving the motorway that takes you to how many hours there, is nothing compared to the pleasure and enjoyment that tourists will find at the end of the road, amidst the magic that surrounds Acapulco.

But it does not mean that this beach area is exclusive to the delight of the population of the South. Acapulco is an attractive destination for residents of the North and also internationally, where hundreds of travelers from different countries, cram the occupations of hotels and beaches because they get there the concept, which has everything!

The preferred Avenue to stay is the Costera Miguel Aleman, building after building to receive guests, you will not miss and there are in all categories, which offer the necessary services, according to your budget. In the same area are the best nightclubs and entertainment sites for those who seek entertainment in the evening. If your preference is to go after something more exclusive, there is no doubt, the Diamond Zone is the best.

The diversity of restaurants is wide, you will get them from the simplest or sostificados by the sea, even in the same city.

Since the sea is what prevails in Acapulco, there are innumerable options. All the hotels located towards the ocean side, offer you the alternative to enjoy a swim just steps away from its facilities. But because some are located in the open sea, it is advisable to check the quietest for those who carry children and want to relax, while the small ones have fun in safe waters.

Forget the routine, the problems, the stresses of the city and let yourself be carried away by the sun, heat, sea, exquisite food and nightlife, which only this “Port to tourism” can offer you …


Veracruz Escape to the beach


Veracruz is a sea site, with the climate and the natural attractions of the Gulf of Mexico, ideal for those who want to escape the routine and get a pleasant stay in the middle of beaches, sun, tasting of the region’s rich gastronomy.

Picturesque zocalo, architecture with history and nice people. Located a few hours from the Federal District of Mexico and the city Puebla, it is for the tourist a destination that provides what is necessary for your enjoyment, at reasonable prices.

Boca del Rio, has the widest area in hotel and comfortably located in front of the sea. If the intention is to work, the Zocalo has appropriate accommodations. There the tradition is present, with its majestic port of great boats and The Malecan with its sellers of souvenirs and accessories representative of the region. However, Veracruz is also mixed with the modern, that is why it has one of the largest squares or malls in Mexico “Plaza Las Americas” where you can shop and locate excellent restaurants, varieties and prices, depending on the needs.

On Boulevard Manuel Avila, three of the most awaited sites are located to visit, the Wax Museum (there are only three in Mexico), Ripley Although You Do not Believe It and the Aquarium, with a variety of marine species, led by magic which envelops the dolphins.

Veracruz also has nightlife, for lovers of this type of training.

As you will see, there are many reasons that this tropical place proposes to you, to catch you with its beauty.


Mexico City – An unique setting in tourism


The metropolis a city with tall buildings, Colonial architecture present on all sides. History with the modern, in the same place.

Land of indigenous culture and huge squares. Area that shows much of the national history as well as the most elegant, recognized or avant-garde sites, hoteliers and nightclubs.

Its tourist diversity leads you to get the authentic flavor of the typical food, in the corners, or markets, served by the helpful lady, or the agile gentleman, who prepare simple but delicious tacos and quesadillas, to the most sophisticated restaurants of cuts, Mediterranean, Italian, among others.

Mexico, a country characterized by the kindness of its people, does not leave behind in that aspect the Federal District. It is not for less, being one of the most attractive cities for the travelers of the world.

Who has not heard of the popular mariachis, chile or tequila. He who dreams of a destination, where to obtain different and peculiar reasons to enjoy, obtains it in this locality.

Since arriving at your International Airport, Benito Jurez, the gateway to the capital, which by the way has excellent facilities and help staff, you realize the number of people who come to visit.

For many parts of its surroundings, renewed business constructions are appreciated. In the same way as some of the most beautiful natural landscapes. The Popocatepetl volcano and its inseparable Iztaccihuatl.

A unique scene that is also legend, symbolizing two ancestor characters who loved each other until death and were immortalized forever. The rest that the inhabitants tell you, directly here …

I know that much of the motivation to make a long journey to this point on the planet, is archeology. In the zocalo of the city, there is the Templo Mayor and museums where you will be surprised of the finds and samples that have for the delight of the lovers of this type of recreation.

Although, the best concept that you would undoubtedly obtain, is the one built through your own experience, when you walk through them personally.

And despite the cultural diversity existing in Mexico City, it does not lose its religious essence, par excellence Catholic. Churches with impressive buildings will attract your attention. Especially the Cathedral and the Basilica of Guadalupe, the last place that turned into a paradise to its surroundings, with plants, rivers, monuments and an atmosphere of peace, that would appreciate even the unbelievers.

The history of spiritual events becomes fascinating, with the appearance of the Virgin of Guadalupe to Juan Diego in that area years ago and with the Papamovil used by Juan Pablo II, during one of his visits there, which is located opposite the main temple.

Other sites to visit: The Aztec Stadium, The Chapultepec Zoo, Monument to the Revolution, Palace of Fine Arts, The National Auditorium, Santa Fe, Garibaldi Square, Historic Center with its Government Palaces and much more!

If you are one of those who identifies with this type of excursions, Mexico City will meet your expectations and so you can be one of those who reaffirm it, as a unique setting in general tourism.


Puerto Rico – A worthwhile place


In the Caribbean Sea, two and a half hours from Florida, United States and 6 hours from Mexico, with air transfer, is located a paradisiac place, called Puerto Rico.

According to history, its name refers to the immense resources that possessed that area and that were also exported to other places from the port of San Juan Bautista (old denomination of the island by Cristibal Colon.)

In my particular opinion, I would add to these meanings, “Rico” for its beauty, for the kindness of its people, for the taste of its music, for the artistic-sports talent and for its exquisite gastronomy.

Traveling from Aztec lands to there, does not seem easy. Especially when it comes to making connections from other airports. My transfer would be with American Airlines, airline that both outward and return, presented flights quellegaron ahead of time and my suitcase came to its destination without problems.

The transfers. Here is an important point that if you do not consider prior to the organization of your trip, you can leave with the “broken pocket” or break your program of activities, because mobilizing you in Puerto Rico is difficult, but you have your own car.

Taxis are complex to get in full way, only safely in hotels, airport, or via phone. The cost of the service varies depending on the distances, if you bring with you luggage, if you go alone, accompanied or if you want to share the seats with other customers. Let’s say the average minimum rate is $ 10. Of course, most of these vehicles are comfortable bangs or other types of vans and air-conditioned.

Consult car rental for the stay, it is not crazy. Another option of transport and much more economic is the public bus, known as the “bus” with a value of 75 cents per passenger per trip – It is feasible, as long as you have time and a little patience, long before one arrives, or what happens to me, just when we despaired and got into a taxi, the group arrived. Things that happen…

The hotel Conrad Plaza Hotel, excellent accommodation option. Good alternative, located in the quiet and beautiful area of ??El Condado. Just minutes from the other popular tourist attractions, Isla Verde, the airport, Old San Juan (Old San Juan) and Hato Rey, where is the largest shopping mall or mall in the Caribbean, Plaza Las Americas. The site has two towers, one overlooking the sea and the city, while the next one overlooks the lake.

The rooms, extremely comfortable and decorated in style. The bathroom is attractive, with fully glass doors in the shower area. The view to the outside of the room, excellent. Free internet, fridge bar and coffee. One tip, do not ever call from the room to international numbers, if you do not realize it in time, the call account could be higher than the amount for staying there.

The common areas, such as the hallways of the floors, are delightedly decorated, the pools according to what a guest expects on a sunny holiday and the nearest beach, right there, behind the hotel. Not much is recommended for bathing, however, there are other alternatives, very close, such as “Ocean Park” located in the colony with the same name, beautiful clear blue sea.


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